Training equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to use scaffold towers safely, whether at work or at home.

IPAF – Powered Access Platforms

The operator training course instructs operators on how to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs. The training covers the use of 3A mobile verticals and 3B mobile booms.

Manual Handling

An awareness training course has been developed to raise awareness of the dangers associated with manual handling. This course provides practical steps to minimise and control the risks that can arise. It covers what manual handling is, the main injuries that can arise from it, applicable legislation, methods to avoid or assess manual handling activities and importantly, reducing the risk through good handling techniques.

Asbestos Awareness

The awareness training course raises awareness of the dangers of asbestos and the practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of exposure. The course covers what asbestos is, the main types of asbestos encountered in the UK, how asbestos causes harm, factors that affect the chances of harm being caused, examples of where asbestos is found in the UK, how to reduce the risk of exposure, and what to do in an emergency.

Working At Heights

The awareness course covers what working at height is, the main laws governing work at height, the key hazards and risks associated with work at height, the main ways to eliminate and reduce risks while working at height, and the main considerations when using access equipment.

Face Fit

Face Fit is a training course that ensures the correct fitting of respiratory equipment, as well as proper record-keeping and disposal of respiratory protection equipment (RPE).

Environment Awareness

The "At Work" training course sets out the key environmental issues, along with practical steps that you can take to help build a more environmentally sustainable world for future generations.

Vibration Awareness

Vibration awareness covers the definition of vibration, the key legislations surrounding it, assessing exposure to vibration, the risks that come with hand-arm vibration and how to manage those risks, as well as the risks associated with whole-body vibration and ways to handle them.

Fire Safety Awareness

This covers incidents involving fires, key legislation applicable to fires in non-domestic premises and on construction sites, as well as work activities that could involve fire. It also includes information on the basic components of fire, the stages that a fire passes through, and how fire spreads. Additionally, you'll find details on how fires are classified in the UK, how they can be prevented, the types and uses of fire extinguishers, and information on conducting a risk assessment and establishing fire safety arrangements.

Ladder Safety Awareness

This training covers different types of ladders, ladder strengths, common causes of accidents, applicable legislation, and how to use a ladder safely, including pre-use ladder checks, safe handling of ladders, setting up a ladder, and appropriate behavior on a ladder. It also includes ladder inspection, as well as storage and maintenance of ladders.
All staff have completed or are currently working towards their job-related NVQ, and all have attended or are scheduled to attend a first aid course.